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Average salaries in Russia in 2021

Average salaries in Russia in 2021

According to Rosstat (Federal Service of State Statistics) data, an average salary in Russia at the end of 2021 was 54687 rubles per month ($ 715).

However, statistics are meant for information and reference only, and they don’t show the true situation.

The Russian Federation consists of 58 entities, and each of them has its own average salary. When in Moscow, it is 103393 rubles, in Novosibirsk it is 46941, and in Karachay-Cherkessia it is 29908 rubles. The highest average salary in Russia, according to statistics, is in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region – 105656 rubles ($ 1382) per month.

Subsistence minimum and the minimum monthly wage in Russia

In Russia there are two basic things connected with payments. Each year the Russian government sets the minimum monthly wage. In 2022, it is set at 13 890 rubles (about $168). According to the law, the employer is not allowed to pay the employee less than the minimum monthly wage. Nevertheless, this income is taxed at 13%.

The minimum monthly wage is calculated based on the subsistence minimum, which is also used for calculating different social allowances (like the allowances for families with children, some allowances for pensioners).

Subsistence minimum in Russia in 2022 in rubles / dollars

per capita for able-bodied for pensioners for children
11950 / 155 13026 / 170 10277 / 134 11592 / 151

Unlike the US employee receiving the minimum monthly wage, who can buy normal food, pay for the communal services, buy clothes, visit cafes and even pay the loan, in Russia, an employee who receives the minimum monthly wage can only buy some food in a cheap market, and pay for the communal services. Renting or paying a mortgage is out of the question.

Some peculiarities of working in commercial sector

According to Rosstat data, there were 6 million commercial organizations and 1465 public enterprises.

Unlike the public sector, where the law is usually respected, in private sector the situation is different:

  • - “black” salaries;
  • - the salaries are lower than the minimum monthly wage;
  • - irregular working hours;
  • - no extra pay for overtime;
  • - you may be called to work at any time, despite a day off or vacation.
  • People have to work in such conditions because they are afraid of being fired. Why does this happen? This occurs because it is difficult to obtain a good job without prior work experience and a higher education. Graduates can rarely get a job in their field if they don’t have the so-called profitable connections.

    Moreover, labor union organizations in Russia do not fulfill their basic functions of protecting workers' rights. For example, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) allows employers—those people from whom, in fact, the employees are supposed to be protected—to become its members. Also, the FNPR closely cooperates with the governmental party and enforces its policies.

    Gender Pay Gap Statistics in Russia

    Gender economic discrimination against women is common throughout the world. According to the ILO Assembly, Russia ranked only 81st in terms of women's employment in political and economic life in 2021. In the Russian Federation, historically, a man is responsible for household maintenance, while women are responsible for life and child-rearing. Women began to work en masse only during the Soviet period. Attracting a large number of female workers to production has created competition in the market for jobs that do not require qualifications. The government didn't fail to take advantage of it and lowered wages for women. And now, after more than 100 years, the income of women in Russia is still 28% lower than that of men.

    The vast majority of women in Russia receive higher education to have an opportunity for career growth and a decent salary. Today, the number of women-highly skilled professionals in the economic life of the country is 63%. At the same time, the number of men is only 37%.

    Nevertheless, according to sociological surveys, 71% of respondents believe that a woman's place is "at the stove" and a woman's role is to be a good mother and hostess. And 89% of those of fair sex believe that a man should provide for the family.

    How much do the Russian girls earn?

    Since salaries vary dramatically from region to region, we will monitor Moscow, as it is the capital of the Russian Federation and has the largest population. The table shows average values according to Rosstat data for mid-level specialists.

    average salary in Moscow in 2021 by profession in rubles/dollars

    profession monthly wage annual salary
    physician 61120 / 814 720000 / 9774
    chef 44415 / 603 532980 / 7237
    lawyer 55000 / 746 660000 / 8960
    accountant 50000 / 678 600000 / 8143
    nurse 40000 / 543 480000 / 6522
    college professor 55000 / 746 660000 / 8960
    IT worker 108000 / 1467 1296000 / 17598
    sales manager 60000 / 814 720000 / 9774
    top manager 90000 / 1221 108000 / 14661

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