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Safety Rules When Seeking A Travel Companion

Safety Rules When Seeking A Travel Companion

MyLoveExpress offers a wonderful option - combining traveling and romantic encounters. Instead of just using a dating site, or traveling alone, you can combine these two options. Find a travel companion who might also become your love interest.

MyLoveExpress is a dating/travel website where members of the community meet amazing individuals. The website works similarly to dating apps, but it's much better since you get to travel with someone you have met. But how to make sure your journey is safe? Check out the article to learn about a few useful tips.

How To Find A Travel Companion

MyLoveExpress works similarly to dating websites. The basic idea of the website is to connect individuals with similar preferences - which is already a great way of falling in love. The site has a matching system, it will consider your preferences and match you with several perfect companions. Your task is to decide who you want to contact.

One of the most important things about MyLoveExpress is that the owners and creators of the website understand the importance of safety for each individual. The website is designed specifically to match real and not fake profiles. How do the owners of the site secure the fact that all profiles are real? Here is how:

  • the administration is regularly checking the activity on the website;
  • several-step verification – by phone number and photos;
  • the support team is checking the requests of users.

To make sure that everything is fine, the administration keeps checking the activity on the website. If some suspicious occurrences take place, they react to the situation accordingly. Moreover, users can report suspicious activity and the support team will check those requests.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every user can contact the administrator if they have any questions concerning the trip, a woman they have met online, etc. You will be talking to a real administrator – the experience is similar to talking to a travel manager.

One of the most reliable options is several-step verification. Since MyLoveExpress helps to find new acquaintances, the safety of each member is a priority. Meaning, the site makes sure that there are no fake accounts.

First, to create an account a user needs to verify the email address. Upon completing the verification by the phone number, you can proceed with filling in the details in your profile. The second, and most important step, is verification by your photos. At this point, all bot or fake accounts are eliminated.

When you complete the verification procedure, you can go further and start seeking travel companions. The idea is simple, add your preferred country to visit, for example, Egypt. Then choose the gender of your companion and some other peculiarities.

For example, you want to travel to Egypt with a beautiful woman from Ukraine or Russia. The system will offer several compatible options. Take your time and chat with the lady you like, and then you can travel to Egypt together.

Safety Tips On How To Find A Travel Companion

The most important rule when seeking a travel companion is to use reliable services. MyLoveExpress is proud to say that the website is safe and protected. But still, it's always important to check who you are chatting with. Yes, MyLoveExpress has multiple safety levels to ensure all users are protected, but users are different.

Even though each person on MyLoveExpress is real, here are several important tips on how to choose a safe travel companion:

  • ✅Ask questions. If the person easily reveals where they were studying, what their occupation is, etc., the person might be open and trustworthy.
  • ✅Ask about family relationships - those close to their family members are pretty reliable.
  • ✅Ask how a person would handle certain important situations/problems.

Take your time and chat with the person you have met. When you feel comfortable enough to travel together, you may have a lot of fun!

Safety Rules When Traveling

The most important safety rules are as follows:

  • ✅be sure to tell your friends, relatives, or family members where and with whom you are traveling;
  • ✅find out the address and contact information of the embassy of your country in a foreign country;
  • ✅make sure you are aware of the basic and most important laws of the country of your choosing;
  • ✅make sure you have emergency contacts on speed dial, just in case;
  • ✅figure out an emergency retreat plan just in case - make sure to have local taxi services number, police number, be aware of how to get to your hotel, etc;
  • ✅at all times be aware of your surroundings, don't go blindly.

Just make sure you have control over the situation. If you have your phone with the most important numbers on the speed dial, you’ll be in control. Moreover, you should always check where you are going. Knowing how to get back to your hotel or the embassy is also very important.

MyLoveExpress - Safe Travel And Romantic Experience

Even considering the pandemic, many countries are open for you to travel and enjoy life. Thanks to modern ideas, instead of traveling alone, you can travel together with someone beautiful and attractive. MyLoveExpress is a perfect option for those singles who want to meet love from another country while traveling together.

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