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Searching for a trip partner

Searching for a trip partner

Looking for a travel partner? This article is for you!

We’ll tell you how to visit Ukraine safely and comfortably to meet the Ukrainian girl. We’ll also tell you about the peculiarities of the Ukrainian mentality and the customs regulations. We’ll discuss the possibility of a weekend getaway for a single lady in your country or any other.

What does the American man need to know before visiting Ukraine?

1.First of all, you need visa, and to obtain it you must fulfill a few obligatory points:

  • 1.1 Receive an invitation. It can be private, tourist and business
  • 1.2. Contact the Ukrainian Embassy/Consulate in your city and find out what documents are necessary to obtain a visa.
  • 1.3. Collect documents according to the list
  • 1.4. Make an appointment for an interview at the Embassy/Consulate.
  • 1.5. Pay the consular fee.
  • 1.6 Check the data on the visa against your own.

When passing the customs, you must have:

  • ✅ passport
  • ✅ visa
  • ✅ insurance policy, valid for the entire period of stay in the country
  • ✅ document that proves a complete course of COVID-19 vaccination with WHO-approved vaccines
  • ✅ SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test, done not more than 72 hours before entry
  • ✅ negative PCR test result. The test must be conducted up to 72 hours before entry

What to do if do not have enough time to collect all the documents necessary to spend a nice weekend with the Ukrainian girl?

Contact the Ukrainian Bride Agency Myloveexpress and we’ll solve this problem! Our agents are always in touch and will be happy to help you personally or advise you on the right specialist.

2. What do you need to know about Ukrainian mentality before seeing a girl in her country not to get in an awkward position?

  • 2.1. It is not common for the Ukrainians to smile at strangers. Such a smile is considered to be insincere Local people smile only at people they know well and are really glad to see.
  • 2.2. You should not call Ukraine a part of Russia, it will be considered an insult. You’d better avoid talks about politics.
  • 2.3. Ukrainians are very hostile. You can pay a visit without an invitation, you will certainly be invited to the table, fed and drunk. It is advisable to eat all the food put on the plate so as not to offend the hostess.
  • 2.4. Be ready to put off your shoes when visiting Ukrainians. It is not customary to walk in shoes here. Every family has slippers for guests.
  • 2.5. You will certainly be offered to drink the traditional Horilka (a Ukrainian strong alcoholic beverage), which is not to be refused. You are supposed to drink it to the bottom.
  • 2.6. It is forbidden to whistle at home. It is believed that because of whistling there will be no money.
  • 2.7. When planning a visit to Ukrainians we recommend you to have a small present. This may be sweets, souvenirs, flowers. You mustn’t give mirrors and knives as presents. You’d better not to give expensive gifts. When choosing flowers avoid buying yellow ones, and also remember that you can give only an odd number (an odd number of flowers is ok only when visiting cemeteries).
  • 2.8. You’d better have some cash money. In some places you can pay only in national currency. There also some mom-and-pop stores where e-payments are impossible.

What do you need to know if a girl is taking a weekend trip to your country, or you are meeting in the third country?

Let’s say that you’ve been communicating online for quite a long time, you’ve learnt enough about each other and you are ready to take a trip with a girlfriend.

We advise you not to hurry up and to prepare for the date according to our algorithm:

  • ✅ Before meeting with a girl, you are interested in we recommend you to learn about her interests, goals for the future, make sure that you share similar values of life. It is also important to understand whether you share the same interests and challenges or not. If online communication brings you positive emotions, if you feel excited and you understand that the girl might be a perfect spouse, then it’s time to act. Don’t waste precious time! A weekend trip will help you to learn more about each other and will let you enjoy a bevy of a beautiful lady!
  • ✅ Discuss the financial conditions of the trip. Feminist sentiments are not widespread in Ukraine. If you offer to meet, a Ukrainian girl considers it as a date and believes that you will cover all the costs.
  • ✅ The girl may have complexes because of the poor level of English. Be tolerant and generous, help the lady feel free.
  • ✅ Try to make a best getaway trip for the girl. Let it be light and memorable.

Remember that you are on vacation, not casting a spouse. Do not forget that the purpose of your meeting is pleasant impressions and joint fun adventures with a charming lady. Relax, be yourself and enjoy this date. Savor every moment!

Have a nice trip!

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