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Ukrainian tourist destinations

Ukrainian tourist destinations

When choosing where to go with your Ukrainian girlfriend, pay attention to her motherland.

You will have an opportunity to learn more about your girlfriend and get a chance to know a unique country, where you can find geographical objects from all over the world. Seas and rivers, desert, singing sands and mountains, waterfalls, caves, endless fields and forests, uninhabited island and the clearest lakes are located on the vast (by European standards) territory of Ukraine.

In every district, there are unique architectural structures that have worldwide cultural value.

The Ukrainian people are generous and hospitable, and national cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent, and, of course, there are lots of legends about the beauty of Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian tourist cities and towns

1. Kiev

This city is a Ukrainian heart. In Kiev, the historical past nicely weaves in with modernity. If you want to visit the main exhibitions of modern art, see the masterpieces of temple architecture, and walk along the chestnut alleys in the company of your Ukrainian girlfriend, Kiev will be the best opportunity.

2. Lvov

Incredibly romantic, with lots of thematic museums and churches. The historical center of Lvov is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will love this city with ancient cobblestone streets, soaked in the aroma of coffee and chocolate, a wealth of architecture, and unique art cafes and cafe museums.

3. Uman

This small town is famous for its unique Sofiyivka arboretum, a Ukrainian tourist landmark, where among the man-made waterfalls, cascades of pools and ponds, gazebos, cliffs, grottos, and pavilions are located. Only here can you take a boat ride with your bride on the subterranean river Aheron.

4. Odessa

The most colorful Ukrainian city with a famous Pryvoz Market, one of the greatest markets in Europe. The best places for romantic dates in Europe are the Vorontsov Colonnade, the Palais Royal Square, and the Staircase of Love. An unforgettable experience will be a yacht ride in the waters of the Gulf of Odessa.

5. Kherson

In an hour away from Kherson you can find Chateau Trubetskoy. It is a castle with towers and an observation deck, a cozy hotel with 10 rooms with terrace access, and a tasting of vintage wines—all of which are perfect for a romantic date with your Ukrainian beauty.

6. Klevan

Here is the world-famous Tunnel of Love - a natural phenomenon, formed by the intertwined branches of bushes and trees.

7. Chernivtsi

This Ukrainian tourist city is worth visiting just to see the beautiful residence of the Bukovinian metropolitans with its unique multi-colored tiles on the roof and the beautiful Botanical Garden, steeped in mystery.

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