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Recommendations on how to adapt to new country

Recommendations on how to adapt to new country

Once, there will come a day when your darling decides to move. The separation will finish and you will get an opportunity to see each other alive every day without any gadgets. In the mornings you will awake side-by-side, you will feel each other\s warmth and enjoy being together.

You may think that all the problems are left in the past. There is nothing that can shade your life, and family life will be long and happy, like in a fairy tale. But there is one moment in this ideal picture. Nothing will change for you: you will continue living in a familiar environment, walking across the streets you’ve known since you were a kid, speaking your mother tongue. You will be surrounded by your relatives, friends, and colleagues.

And for your girlfriend, her move to the USA may become a major challenge. Her family, her home, and her work will stay overseas. She will have to adapt to an unfamiliar culture, learn local laws, customs, and traditions, and overcome a language barrier. You will be the only familiar person with whom she will feel safe.

How to help your girlfriend with adaptation after her immigration to America

First of all, enroll your sweetheart in a local ESL course. There she will have a chance to practice American English without any barriers. The atmosphere in such places is always friendly, and your girlfriend will find her first friends.

Don’t forget that Russian living conditions and habits are different from those in the USA. In Russia, separate waste collection is not a must, so you will have to explain to your girlfriend how and when to throw it away. Each Russian family has a washing machine at home. In this regard, you will have to tell a girl how to use the laundry room. In Russia, your girlfriend could go to a supermarket at any time of the day. Russian supermarkets work late hours 7 days a week, and many of them work 24 hours. To avoid some problems at the cash desk, explain to your honey that all prices in the USA are exclusive of taxes.

In Russia, people usually don’t think too much about their neighbors, they can vacuum-clean or do repair work late in the evening or at the weekend. Please, inform your beloved of the rules of residence, so as not to run into a fine.

How to help your loved one when emigrating?

Immigration to the USA is complicated, with lots of bureaucratic procedures. Help your Russian wife overcome them. She will have difficulties with filling in different forms and surveys without your help. Bad knowledge of English will cause additional stress. Find the best way to open a credit account and buy insurance.

Tell your darling about the intricacies of communication in your country and introduce her to your friends so she won't feel lonely.

Moving to the USA and the adaptation period will not become a heavy burden if you support her and help with adaptation in a new world. Weekly consultations with a psychologist or cross-cultural coaching may help to reduce stress.

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