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The perfect guide to handling long distance relationships

The perfect guide to handling long distance relationships

There comes a time when you have to say goodbye to that special someone. Oh no, wait, we don't mean the 'D' word as in death. Rather, we're referring to having to deal with your partner traveling or moving far away. Beyond the long hugs and goodbye kisses, lies the question, what's the key to handling long distance relationships?

Back in the day, managing long distance relationships was a lot tougher. Lovers would move away while their partners would watch as the trains faded away in the distance. Things to help with long distance relationships didn't go beyond letters and payphone calls. Those were some days.

But fast forward to present day utopia where managing long distance relationships couldn't get any easier. Now, with the introduction of technology to the mix, there are more ways and abundance of things to help with long distance relationships.

Handling Long Distance Relationships: What To Do

We won't lie to you, managing long distance relationships can get really hard. The sheer pain of having to be far away from your significant other isn't something every couple wants to go through. Luckily for you, we've come to get rid of this headache.

Wondering what a healthy long distance relationship looks like? Need that perfect long distance relationship guide to propel your relationship even further? Well, sit back as we guide you through the best tips for keeping the flames of your relationship lit.

To give you a broad knowledge of how to handle long distance relationships, we need to discuss as many things that help with managing long distance relationships as possible. This includes all the things to do with your long distance partner.

7 Things You Need To Help With Long Distance Relationships

1. Regular Communication

There's nothing that keeps a relationship going like regular communication. Be the first person your partner talks to in the morning and the last one to say goodnight. Handling long distance relationship becomes a lot easier when communication is kept at a constant rate.

2. Avoid Excess Communication

There's a thin line between constant contact and borderline disturbance. Yes, you want to keep your partner posted about your day, but trust us when we say you don't need to do it 24/7. One effective long distance relationship guide is to avoid boring your partner out.

3. Take Part In Each Other's Interests

Now would be a good time to try out some of your partner's hobbies. Why not recommend some books or your favorite series for each other to binge watch? These are fun things to do with your long distance girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse. This is also great for strengthening bonds.

Other fun ideas for long distance couples include sending gifts and dropping surprise visits.

4. Video Call From Time To Time

Sometimes, all you need to soothe the aching pain of missing your partner is to see his/her face. Engage in regular video calls via Skype or Whatsapp, and just watch each other smile and giggle away the nights. These are the little but beautiful things that help with long distance relationships.

5. Have A Goal And Work Towards It

One of the things that help with long distance relationships is defining the purpose of the relationship. Have a discourse with your partner to decide the direction you're headed to. Remember, you can't be in a long distance relationship forever.

6. Have Some Alone Time

You might be alone but that doesn't mean you should feel lonely. Instead of dropping down with sadness when your favourite person isn't available, spend that free time with family, friends, work, or even alone in your favorite activities. This is a great way of handling long distance relationships.

7. A Little Dirty Talk Won't Hurt

One of the most romantic things to do in a long distance relationship is to engage in teasing and dirty talks. It's one of the most fun ideas for long distance couples who want to keep the flames burning. Chatting with sexual puns and provocative innuendos are great for ensuring emotional intimacy.

Conclusion: What To Avoid When Managing Long Distance Relationships

The sweetest part about long distance relationships is that the simplest things always stay the sweetest. Therefore, you should never feel the need to overcompensate for the lack of physical presence. This ensures you don't go overboard and get bored of loving.

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